Bamiga Sector 1 Party 1989

From ExoticA
18-19.11  Bamiga Sector 1 Copyparty.
The BS1 party was arranged in Nestelrode, Holland by Switch/Bamiga Sector 1.
There were two problems at this party; one thing was that the fuses seemed
to be blowing constantly, and the other was that it was raided by the
police! In a joint venture with Dutch and French police (working with
software house Titus) they raided the party with six police cars, and 100's
of disks were confiscated. Many destroyed their disks, there was total
panic. In the end, everybody had to be registered by the police before
leaving, and disks, hardware and adress books were confiscated.

· Information from party report in Brainstorm's "Zine #4" diskmag (amiga).

other   The Silents "Danish Quality" (amiga demo).