Bamiga Sector 1 and The Warfalcons Party

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11-12.02  Bamiga Sector 1 and The Warfalcons party.
BS1 and WF was held in Fredericia, Denmark for the c64 and amiga scenes.
About 250 people attended, of which about 100 were on the amiga, and a total
of three were female :) Can anyone confirm if there were c64 competitions,
and possibly supply any results? We also want to know which of The Silents'
demos was the one that finished 2nd. The only thing we know, really, is that
it was a three-part demo...

· Party report and some results from P.E.N.I.S #1 diskmagazine.

amdemo  1.  Dexion "Megademo".
        2.  The Silents Sweden.
        3.  Kefrens "Megademo #5".
        xx. Atomic Intelligence "Party Demo".
        xx. Atomic Team "Party Demo".
        xx. Beastie Boys "Sound System Demo".
        xx. Rebels "On Wheels of Steel".
        xx. The Silents "Legal".
        xx. The Silents "Viva The Silents".
        xx. The Silents and Northstar "We Eat Lamers For Breakfast".
        xx. The Band & Pixar  "New Stuff".
        xx. Share and Enjoy "Party Demo".
        xx. The Supply Team "Party Demo".
        xx. Trilogy "unknown".

other   Beastie Boys "Party Pack" (amiga pack).
        Cryptoburners "Great Muzax vol. 5" (amiga musicdisk).
        Dragon's Lair trainer (amiga).