Bamiga Sector One

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Bamiga Sector One (BS1, 1986-1990)


  • Chatterbox (main cracker, coding, Trainer+++ 86-90)
  • Ermida (Founder, organizer, supply, distribution 86-90)
  • Lion (distribution 89)
  • Lord Blitter (coder cracker, 87-90)
  • Necromancer (Belgium swap, 11/88)
  • Skylight (cracker, 11/88-90)
  • The Bandit (89)
  • The Belgium Waffels (coder, 89)
  • The Hobbit (graphics 89)
  • The Red Baron (programmer 88-89)
  • The Visitor (swap, 11/88)
  • Switch (code crack, 89)
  • The Free Traders (code crack music, 89)
  • The Quackers (graphics, 89)
  • The Kent Team (coding, intro-makers, suppliers (87-89)
  • The Demon (music, 89)
  • Toxic (spread, 89)
  • The Agnostic (sysop 'INFERNAL REGIONS' WHQ, 89)
  • Viral Empath (crack, 11/88)
  • Outbound (swap 12/88)

Group History

Bamiga Sector One was formed in Belgium in june of 1986 by Ermida. Their members later found their way into such groups as Kefrens (S.L.L). They were also in co-operations with a.o. The Kent Team (UK). Necromancer and The Visitor are father and son.

An interview with Ermida in Crack Journal #10 [11/88] revealed how they were having problems getting crackers, seeing as Lord Blitter was working for a large software company, Chatterbox went to the university, Skylight is very busy at the moment with other things, The Big Fat Lamer is abroad and won't be back until next year, and finally Viral Empath is now busy writing protections for a large software firm ;) Outbound joined in december.
Danish musician S.L.L (ex Red Sector) left for Kefrens early february. The group was declared dead early 1990.


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