Bash 2 Party

From ExoticA
21-23.02  Bash 2 Party.
BASH2 was held in Kecskemet, Hungary by 23 Celsius Crew and Soc.Brigade.
The winner of the demo competition made 5000 ft., the winners of the intro,
graphics and music competitions made 2000 ft. each.

· Information and results collected from these sources:
  - Results and Intros from Live Act, party stuffie.
  - Results from Majic 12's "Top Secret issue #09" diskmag.
  - Intros from 23 Celsius Crew, pack.

amdemo  1.  Genesis & Live Act "The New Testament" .
        2.  Fire Crew "Fireland".
        3.  23 Celsius Crew "Dentro".

amintro 1.  Live Act.
        2.  Twin Sectors.
        3.  Lamer Crew "Black Hole".
        xx. Lamer Crew "Intro".
        xx. Red Rats "Megaintro".
        xx. Red Rats "Intro".
        xx. 23 Celsius Crew "Contro".

gfx     1.  Thomas/Amnesty.

music   1.  Adt/Soc.Brigade.

other   TRSI & Majic 12 "Hungary Easter Party Invitation Demo".