Bergen Party

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29.6-1.7  Bergen Party.
BER90 was held at Bergenshallen in Bergen, Norway for the c64, amiga and
archimedes scenes. Arranging groups were Panoramic Designs (64), Megastyle
Inc. (64), Science 451 (64), Full Force (c64), Contex (amiga), BOA (?), MFI
(?) and Cryptoburners (amiga). The Shadows were announced as one of the
organizing groups at an early stage, but this was changed to Panoramic
Designs when Shadows died and PD was born on its ashes. Reportedly about
250-300 people attended from all over europe, though some reports have
speculated it was less. The entrance fee was 150NOK. This was a legal party,
illegal copying was banned, but... =] The relatively low number of attendees
was probably due to the 'big' Amiga Conference 90 being held in Denmark
simultaneously. There were also a few hardware theft problems. Goblin/GP
(c64) cracked and spread the game "Ski or Die" at the party. The deadlines
for the competitions were pushed back, rumours say that this was in order
for co-arrangers Panoramic Designs to finish their demo. The results of the
c64 demo competition was decided by a jury made up of Full Force and Hoaxers
members. The general opinion of the party was seemingly that the organizing
could have been much better, and the foreigners complained about all
announcements over the pa were done in Norwegian.
  There were demo competitions for all three platforms, in addition to
graphics and music competitions... so we're far from complete yet! The Razor
demo (amiga) MIGHT be their "Psychedelia", can anyone deny or confirm this,
then I'll be a happy camper =)

· Information and results from Flash Inc.'s "Hotshot #3" diskmag (c64).

amdemo  1.  Giants "Megademo".
        2.  Network "Aldri i Bergen!".
        3.  Armada "Against All Odds".
        4.  Cartel "Demo".
        5.  Cult "Scope Demo" + "Crazy Bars".
        xx. Errors "Partydemo".
        xx. Network "Demo 2".
        xx. PMC "Regnhagen".
        xx. Razor 1911 "Demo".

64demo  1.  Panoramic Designs "Digital Delight".
        2.  Flash Inc. "Summercode IV".
        3.  Megastyle "Piece o' Cake 3".
        4.  Science 451.
        5.  Impulse "Bone Harder".
        xx. Antimon "Nutwork".
        xx. Errors "Improvement".
        xx. Shape "Marantz"

music   1.  Shorty and Maniac/Giants "The Castle".
        2.  Alf/Gyrosoft "Skisport".
        3.  Lars Hoff/Prosonix "Spanish Moon Spanish Dawn".
        4.  n/a
        5.  n/a
        6.  Mutant/New Wave "Native Jam".
        7.  n/a
        8.  Zeb/Armada "Sun Fun in the USA".
        9.  Timewalker/Culy "Arcanum".
        10. n/a
        11. n/a
        12. Mr.T/Full Force "Flying Dutchman".

other   Genesis Project "Ski or Die" (c64 crack).
        No Limits "Exploited Brilliance" (amiga demo).