Beton Design

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Beton Design


  • Human (music)
  • Kain (Jakob Solich, gfx)
  • Muad'dib (raytrace music)
  • Norweg (music)
  • Yoe (Tomasz Szewczulak, music)

Group History

Beton Design was a demo group, under the leadership of Dr.Pacient. After leaving the scene in april of 1996, Dr.Pacient changed his handle to Stealth and moved to New York City, where he formed the company Stealth Studios Interactive, Corp. to design video games for the playstation, pc and xbox. The group also became the first 'commercial' demo group in history, after hiring TOM/TPDL^Katharsis to code their first demo "Roumble Rubble". This and the subsequent "Goldfinger" were the only two demos made by the group. Human, Kain and Muad'dib never actively made anything for the group. Thanks to Dr.Pacient for information!

Dr.Pacient won first place in the Intel Outside raytracing competition in august!
Chrom and Skizo (both swap) left the group, while Wolf (Dariusz Gocol, code) and Dr.Pacient (Martin Smietanski) left the scene in april. Green (3d) joined Anadune in june.


Rumble Rubble (1994, 12.08, Demo)

2nd in the Intel Outside 94 demo competition.
Direction by Dr.Pacient.

Goldfinger (1995, 30.08, Demo)

8th in the Intel Outside 95 demo competition.
Dr.Pacient accuses The Generat and another Union member for fucking up their demo in the competition, thus making it place a lot lower than it deserved. Quote: "there was 6 world record, in goldfingers, Wolf with my algorithms wrote 1pixel direct on bitplane gouraud shading twice as fast as TOM's one, there was realtime city fuulscreen on eight planes, etc."