Biosynthetic Design

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Biosynthetic Design (BSD)


  • Metal Designer (Antonello Mincone, code, later Scoopex, late95)
  • Mr.Yo (sysop 'TRACKLAND' WHQ, late95)
  • Dixie Flatline (gfx, late95)
  • Fra (gfx music, late95)
  • Lry (gfx sysop 'CYBERTRASH', late95)
  • Sirio (sysop, late95)
  • Stun (c-code gfx music, late95)

Group History

BSD was probably an all-Italian, demooriented group. After Italian musician, graphician and main organizer Parsec (early-09/96) left for Elven 11, the group died.

Italian coder Hedgehog surprisingly left for Balance.


Tenebra (Demo)