Bizarre '94

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     .05  Bizarre '94.
BIZ94 was held at Kolpinghuis in Nijmegen, The Netherlands for the pc scene
only. This was the first time Bizarre was arranged, and a second party
followed in 1995. Nostalgia's winner demo was not released at the party due
to its 'unstable nature', but was later released in a polished, tuned-up

· Results from file marked 'THE BIZARRE'94 PARTY RESULTS:'

pcdemo  1.  Nostalgia "Echoes of the Past".
        2.  Logic Design "Prologue".
        3.  Void "Vdentro".
        4.  n/a
        5.  Massive "Fatal Fantasies".
        6.  D-Vision "Lish".
        7.  Dwurhl "Spluth".

pcintro 1.  Acme "Mental Masturbation".
        2.  LSD "Fear".
        3.  n/a
        4.  Progress "Washandje".
        5.  Genuine "Gnouc".
        6.  Crapware "Bagger".
        7.  Massive "Remorse".
        8.  Spirit "Toddlers".

gfx     1.  Mitch/Success "Ugly Dude".
        2.  Pedo/Logic Design "Cewl Dude".
        6.  Aap/Acme "Aardvark".

music   1.  SQD/Ground Zero (pc) and TFA (amiga) "A.L.S.O."
        2.  Dr.Yuno/Hypnosis "Spacetrip".
        3.  The REW/Nostalgia "Android Dream".
        4.  n/a
        5.  n/a
        6.  Vic/Acme "Serenity".