Bizarre '95

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09-10.09  Bizarre 95.
BIZ95 was held at PartyCentrum Nobelaer in Etten-Leur, Holland for the pc
scene (though some amigas were there too). About 360 people attended, mostly
from Holland. This was the second Bizarre party, following the one from last
year. The partyplace was a large hall, with a nice bigscreen. There was also
a videoroom where new movies were shown, like True Lies, Star Trek:
Generations, Rising Sun, Demolition Man, Lethal Weapon 3, Stargate,
Outbreak, Passenger 57, The Crow and Cliffhanger. A lot of musicians were
unhappy with the music competition jury's selections, and modules from a lot
of respected musicians like The Fox II/Reality were not played. Of the 52
modules submitted, only 20 were played. There were also problems with the
contrasts of the big screen, which was very hard to see because of light
flooding in through the windows of the hall. The organizers tried to cover
the windows, but the covers kept falling down. After the 4k and 64k intro
competitions, the demo competition was moved into the movie hall, which was
a much better solution.

· Results from resultsfile by Sleeping Dog/The Natives.
· Results and information from the Official Hornet review of Bizarre 95!

pcdemo  1.  Logic Design "Performance".
        2.  Massive "Arabicum".
        3.  Success "Puker".
        xx. ArmyBoots "Calzone".
        xx. Crapware "Stonewall's Byetro".
        xx. The Klan "Who Cares Anyway".
        xx. TKB "Paroxysm 2".
        xx. Void "Excess".
        xx. Widget & Malvern "Life".

pc64k   1.  Spirit "The Final Boom".
        2.  Image! "Mary Poppins".
        3.  TFA "Destroying".
        xx. Antares "Be There!"
        xx. Bunghole Productions "Ozone".
        xx. Fatal Justice "Divine".
        xx. Ground Zero "Destroyoverase Improve".
        xx. Metabolic "Toxic Waste".
        xx. Trybit & Trance "Joint Venture".
        xx. Widget & Malvern "Barf".

4k      1.  Nostalgia "Phase 2".
        xx. Fatal Justic "Pseudotiny".
        xx. Image "4 No More".

gfx     1.  Mr.M/The Kip Brigade.
        2.  Elliot/Reality "Centaur".
        3.  Contrast/Acme "PartyPig".
        xx. n/a "BatMan".
        xx. n/a "Biz-Seal".
        xx. n/a "Brandy?".
        xx. n/a "Elf".
        xx. n/a "Facescap".
        xx. n/a "Magic The Gathering".
        xx. n/a "Manar".
        xx. n/a "Mon-Pic".
        xx. n/a "Orn".
        xx. n/a "Paard".
        xx. n/a "Tower".
        xx. n/a "Vrouwe".

multich 1.  The Rew/Nostalgia "Atlantic Shore".
        2.  Mig/Weird Magic "Far(t) Out".
        3.  n/a "Happy Trance".
        xx. n/a "10_Years".
        xx. n/a "Blue Lotus".
        xx. n/a "Breekje".
        xx. n/a "Chandrasekhar".
        xx. n/a "Down".
        xx. n/a "Destiny".
        xx. n/a "Echoes in the Dark".
        xx. n/a "Funny in the Head".
        xx. n/a "Generation Love".
        xx. n/a "IAWOB".
        xx. n/a "Interstellar Shift".
        xx. n/a "LWNDTKOT".
        xx. n/a "M_A_C".
        xx. n/a "Sarkovy".
        xx. n/a "Schwing".
        xx. n/a "Uninvited Guest".
        xx. n/a "Whatever".
        xx. n/a "Wiggle

ansi    1.  Onyx.
        2.  Steel Void.