Bizarre '96

From ExoticA
07-08.09  Bizarre 96.
BIZ96 was held in Etten-Leur near Breda in The Netherlands. It seems no
official result file was ever released, since the results file I have was
pieced together by a third person. Prodigy's module was not played in the
competition because the organizers lost it! We are anxiously searching for
the amiga results, so please help if you've got them...

· Results from 'The Bizarre 96 Results list...'.
· Additional results pieced together from DemoNews incoming lisitings :)

amdemo  2.  Oops! "Biz-R".

pcdemo  1.  Trepaan "Bulll!".
        2.  Spirit New Style "Full Motion".
        3.  Analogue "DEA".
        4.  Dimension-X "Demos For Dummies".
        5.  The Cheese Team and Paroxysm "The Other One".
        6.  Quad "Perception".
        7.  Acne "RipOff".
        8.  XL "Bagger".
        9.  Rubba Design "NoName00".
        10. TBE "Ravage".

pc64k   1.  Spirit New Style "State".
        2.  Inopia, Anomaly, Cygnus "64".
        3.  Cronix "Hopeless".
        4.  Surprise! Productions "Slam".
        5.  Deadline "The Gravity Encounter".
        6.  Weird Magic "Die Logik".
        7.  Circle of Tyrants "Embraced".
        8.  Trybit "???".
        9.  Maroon "Bloempjes wn bytejes".
        10. TBE "Weird".

pc4k    1.  Excalibur/Fatal Vision "No Name".
        2.  Fyr, Sentinel/Image, Infuse "Zwemband".
        3.  The Watcher/Fatal Vision "Chiparitus".
        4.  Laserdance/Nostalgia "Space".

4chmus  xx. Prodigy/Oops! "Jungle Fever".