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Bodyworks (1995-1995)


  • Axy (org ascii sysop)
  • Blade (org music)
  • Delery (code sysop)
  • Schizzo (music)
  • Tekburn (music)
  • Visitor (trade, later Subspace)
  • Zcandaler (sysop)

Group History

Bodyworks was formed by Axy and Blade after the death of Deadline Design, as an ascii and trading group. They dominated the trading scene of west sweden, had a lot of members, and released several ascii collys. In addition the swedish members, there were also a few in germany and the uk. Sometime late in the year, Axy and Blade decided they'd had their fun, and declared the group dead. Blade (who had now learned to code) was in Inhumans with Visitor for a while, before helping form Subspace. Axy later surfaced as Phase/Spaceballs and later in Essence.