Brainstorm/D-Tect Party

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   10.12  Brainstorm/D-Tect party.
Held at a castle in Lörrach, Germany near the swiss border by Brainstorm and
D-Tect for the amiga scene. Most of the German and Swiss elite was present.
The party started at 11 and went on to 9 o'clock, meaning this was a one-day
party. About Half past 11, two policemen showed up to inform the attendants
that the German police was aware that software was being illegally copied at
this event, but that they were not going to act on this for now. The party
went on peacefully after the police had left. There was a demonstration (the
first ever?) of an amiga cartridge called Pro Access.
  Please note that the date is a guess based on the release date of Zine.

· Information from party report in Brainstorm's "Zine #4" diskmag (amiga).

other   Brainstorm "Zine issue #3" (amiga diskmag).
        Setrox "Toolsdisk #3" (amiga pack).