Byterapers Grendelparty 1988

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08-14.08  Byterapers Grendelparty 1988.
Held at a school in Iisalmi, Finland for the c64 and amiga scenes. Party
attenders were mostly finnish, the only foreigners in attendence were two
norwegian groups and an american. This was perhaps the first ever party to
last a full week! Several demos were released for both c64 and amiga. The
party report in CJ claimed it lasted from the 8th all the way to the 16th,
while we have chosen to thrust the information from Byterapers' webpage.
Drinking was not officially allowed inside the party place, for once at a
finnish party ;) If anyone has amiga results, we'd appreciate it!

· Information from party report in AFL's "Cracker Journal #9" (amiga).
· Results from Byterapers' web page,

64demo  1.  Finnish Gold "Contest-Demo".
        2.  Z-Circle "(B)arty-Demo".
        3.  ZCF "Delirium".
        4.  Byterapers "In Action".
        5.  Zodux 2.
        6.  Finnish Gold "FIG Again".
        7.  Deathstar.

other   Accession "Carrier Command" (amiga crack).