Cache '95

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          Cache '95.
CAC95 was held in spring of the year. There were 18 entries for the music
competition, and 9 for the graphics. Other results depict the full number
of contributions. Cache 96 was held the following year.

· Results from file 'Cache'95 Spring Party Updated Results' by CyberDancer/

pcdemo  1.  Xeed "Relaxeed".
        2.  Phantom Dezign "Intrance".

pcintro 1.  Byteam "Incompatibility".
        2.  Murmidones "Obsess".
        3.  Syndicate "Left".
        4.  Urin8 "Kanko Janko".

music   1.  Megant/Byteam "Composed by a Minute".
        2.  Reptile/Astroidea "One Minute".
        3.  Nemetz Zoltan "Light".

gfx     1.  Kal/Astroidea " reg".
        2.  Ludwig/Therapy "Knight".
        3.  Derceto/Unicorn "Iron Angel".

ansi    1.  Bat/Shock! "Bunny".
        2.  Zax/Shock! "Fractal Sky".
        3.  ThunderMan/Tdsca "Shock".