Cache '96 Autumn

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08-10.11  Cache 96 Autumn.
CAC96-2 was held in Kecskemet, Hungary, and was the second of two Cache
parties this year! There were about 900 visitors. One innovation of the
party was the music competition, where techno and other music were
separated. The one and only Amiga 64kb (by Impulse) was not allowed to
compete together with the PC intros, because the organizers were shocked by
the intro and didn't want the Amiga to win over the PC! It was shown out
of competition only... There were more contributions to the competitions
than portrayed here; AstroideA's winner demo was shown as #7...

· Results from 'Cache 96 Autumn Results'

pcdemo  1.  AstroideA "Mutha" (367).
        2.  Shock "Onyx" (306).
        3.  Eusthanasia "Probe" (198).

pc64k   1.  Mortal Compact "Sphere" (131).

pc4k    1.  Fishy "Cube" (72).

gfx     1.  Das/Shock^Chrome^Anarchy "Riptide" (299).
        2.  Ward/Enlightenment "Ensnare by a SPiDER!" (137).
        3.  Rendall/Impulse^AstroideA PC "Evildick" (110).
        4.  Kal/Astroidea "Demon".

music   1.  Sly Spy/United Force "Mace" (90).
        2.  Deansdale/Shock "How to blow a fish" (65).

techmus 1.  Dr.Arthur/Reactor of Caterpillar "Kecskebeka felmaszott..."
        2.  Cyborg^Bat/Iris "Dopamine" (64).

lamer   1.  Capanna "Who the fun is Bill Gates II".