Cadaver (group)

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Cadaver (CDR)


  • Baffle (Dag Stensland, sysop 'BUMBLE BEE LAND', 08/94)
  • Black Tornado (sysop 'GREENHOUSE', 04-09/93)
  • Dr.Backup (swap, ex Dark Cloud [no entry])
  • Dr.Bully (music, ex Majic 12, 04/93)
  • Dr.Randy (Per Einar Forberg, swap, ex Tech)
  • Frode (gfx, 02/94)
  • Gator (code, 04/93)
  • Jean (swap, old handle Calvin, ex Comix [no entry])
  • John Coven (Jørn Skjefstadmoen, old handle Covenant, swap, late95)
  • Martin Myhre (Martin G. Myhre, sysop 'MADHOUSE ENTERPRISE', 04/93)
  • Morgoth (code, 04/93)
  • Mr.T (sysop 'THE CRYPT', 04/93)
  • Pathseeker (sysop 'DARK SECRET' WHQ, 04/93)
  • Punisher (swap)
  • Splat! (gfx, re-Acme (old), old handle Splatter, 04/93-02/94)
  • Stratego (sysop 'HARDCORE HEAVEN', 04/93)
  • Tyrant (Lasse Stangeland, org swap edit, 92-04/93)
  • Cytron (music, later Depth, new 12/94)
  • Amon (Robert Falk, also in Mystic)
  • Chimera (Peter Swanqvist, swap)
  • Bauer (swap, 04/93)
  • Overlord (gfx, 03/94)
  • Crowley (trade, board closed ROM3)
  • Cyberpunch (sysop 'HIT'N'RUN', busted 04/93)
  • Eagle (code, 04/93)
  • Foxy (gfx, 04/93)
  • Joram (nor? code, 04/93-02/94)
  • Noise Data (sysop 'DIGITAL CITY', 04/93)
  • Skynet
  • Trouble (sysop 'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN', 04/93)
  • Uzi (slave, 04/93)
  • Vin (music, 07/93)

Group History

Cadaver was a demo group based in Norway. Most active around 1993, the group is now dead.

  • Norwegian mainorganizer Thamuz (Helge Norvang, old handle Trauma, 04/93) left the scene. Thamuz was one of two editors of the Cadaver diskmag 'Aggression', and also one of two organizers.
  • Norwegian coder Slummy joined Spaceballs.
  • Norwegian graphician and swapper Snuffy joined Scoopex.
  • Norwegians Nirvana (gfx, 04/93-02/94) and Ludde (code) joined Grotesticle.
  • Norwegian musician Jaw (Anders Ormehaug, old handle Elipsion) left to pursue a professional music career. He has left the scene.
  • Norwegian sysop Decker ('HACK'N'HARD', ex Mirror, 04/93) joined Space Marines.
  • Razorblade joined Mad Elks.
  • Mr.Fire, sysop 'REALISATION CENTER' was kicked.
  • Splatter left to form Acme Project, but later rejoined as Splat!.
  • Duke, Birdeye and Li Chien got kicked 94.
  • Concept, DroopyD, N-Gin (nor music, ex Triax), Necro, Overload (07/93-02/94), Powermad and Scaremonger got kicked.
  • The Finnish division released an intro that the world HQ felt didn't live up to their standards, so as a result the Finnish section got kicked out. These were: Bit (PC Code), Dectech (PC Trade), Maniac, PetShopBoy (Mikko Virtanen, ex Diffusion, later The Hooligan/Fanatic), Safe, Seven (PC Code), Slayer and Slipper (code, ex Diffusion).


See Cadaver (group)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Aggression issue #1 (1993 or 94 :), ECS Multifile Diskmag)

  • code: Gator
  • gfx: Foxy (panel)
  • music: Dr.Bully
  • editors:
    • Trauma
    • Tyrant

Symbiostro (1993, .07, ECS Intro)

  • code: Joram
  • gfx:
    • Overload
    • $platter
  • music: Vin
2nd in the Rendezvous 93 intro competition.

Marianne Myhrer - The Slideshow (1994, 26.02, ECS Slideshow)

  • code: Joram
  • gfx:
    • Nirvana
    • $platter
    • Overload
    • Frode
  • music:
    • Anders Ormehaug
    • Jaw
This slideshow - of a girl Morgoth was in love with - got him in a whole heap of trouble... It all ended with her finding out about the slideshow, and suing Morgoth, on the grounds of a hidden part where you could view a manipulated picture of the girl, with her head and someone else's naked body...

Restricted (1994, 13.03, ECS Intro)

  • code: Slipper
  • gfx: Overlord
  • music: Petshopboy

Testiclo (1994, 03.04, Intro)

9th in The Gathering 94 intro competition.