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Intro (1990, late, ECS Intro)

Review by Glenn Lunder

I like this! The tune and the visuals make for a nice atmosphere over the whole, wavy, nice... Whee mentions an upcoming vacation trip on 20.12-90, so it's bound to be from sometime before that.
tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ½mb fast/2.04.
A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0. -- Note: Needs KillAGA.

Elektrica (ECS Trackloaded Musicdisk)

Review by Glenn Lunder

This musicdisk opens with some VERY cool opening logos, before settling on the basic but unexciting main screen. You can listen to the opening tune, or press the right mouse button to bring up a selector. Text in the scroller reveals that RISING was their last release, and that some time has passed since then.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0. -- Note: Cache off.