Christmas Party '89

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26-30.12  Christmas Party 89.
DUT89 was held at a school in Randers, Denmark by Dominators (c64), Upfront
(c64) and Trilogy (amiga). The entry fee was set at 80DKR with invitation,
likely more without. The first prices in the demo competitions were
announced as 5000DKR, which was REALLY a lot back then! The party was a
large success, and about 4-500 people from all over Europe attended. Kefrens
and Arcane held a Sprite competition.
  Additional (and more detailed) results from the competitions would be most
welcome, especially the full amiga demo list! Thanks to Liteace/Dexion for

· Information and 64results from note in Amok's "Sex'n'Crime #11" mag (c64).
· Results from Unicess' "Popcorn #3" (c64).

invit   Dominators "Christmas Party" (c64).

amdemo  1.  Dexion "Megademo 2".

64demo  1.  Bones.
        2.  Upfront.
        3.  Triangle.
        4.  Horizon.
        5.  Hawks.
        6.  Dolphins.

other   Arcane "Filled Vector" (amiga demo).
        Beyond Force "Party Demo" (amiga).
        Crionics "Pulsing" (amiga, party of "Megademo").
        Depredators "X-Mas" (amiga).
        Direct "Dark Castle" (amiga).
        Dominators "Demo" (amiga).
        Fairlight "Raytracing" (amiga demo).
        Flash Production "Hit The Road" (amiga demo).
        IT "Vectorstuff" (amiga demo).
        Kefrens "Blue & Red" (amiga).
        Metallians "Metal Xmas" (amiga).
        Metallians "Running Free" (amiga).
        Piranhas "Intro" (amiga).
        Piranhas "Technique" (amiga).
        Rebels "Vectory" (amiga demo).
        The Silents & Dolphin "Europack #3" (amiga pack).
        The Silents "Pump Up The Jam" (amiga).
        The Silents "Slideshow Preview" (amiga).
        Wiz "Matrix First" (amiga).