Compusphere 7

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08-10.11  Compusphere 7 (
CMP7 was held at Östrabogymnasiet in Uddevalla, Sweden for the amiga and pc
scenes. This was the second Compusphere party this year. The entrance fee
was 150SEK, 120SEK if you payed in advance. Naturally, the normal 24h supply
of food and drink was present, as well as a bigscreen, party network etc...
The pc compomachine was a Pentium 90 with 16MB RAM, 1MB S3 videocard, and
1MB GUS or 1MB SoundBlaster AWE32 for sound. The amiga compomachine was an
A1200 with an 030 processor (clock speed no specified) and 8MB fastram.
Max demosize was 4mb.
  The results were marked 'sorry, unfinished' at the end, and featured only
the demo competition results :( If anyone can help us complete these
results, then we'd be really grateful!

· Results from 'CompuSphere VII -96 Results (8-10 nov)'.

amdemo  1.  Craze "Phunky".
        2.  Stucco "Zonked".
        3.  Ward "Gröna Geleklumpar Från...".
        4.  Keso "Tribute To Björk".
        5.  Latex "Rubber Mania".
        6.  The Fugitive and Lunix "Terminal X".
        7.  Candle "Kreijsi".
        8.  RAM "RAM Demo".

amfast  xx. Candle "Elvis the Elvisp".

pcdemo  1.  Elfsong "Dreamwar".
        2.  Arnes Gang "Arne Gas".
        3.  Elvis Brothers "Super Elvis".
        4.  Jooly "Jolly@tg96".