Computer's Hell Y2K+1

From ExoticA
22-24.06  Computer's Hell Y2K+1 (
CHE01 will be held by Arts of Darkness at Jugendclub U5 in Berlin, Germany
for the c64 scene. This is the third time the Computer's Hell party is
arranged, and the first time by a group (since organizer Silver Fox now
joined Arts of Darkness). Drinking was allowed...or perhaps encouraged =]
There were to be arranged competitions in the following categories: demo,
basic demo, sidmusic, graphics and game. Other competitions will include
classic gameplaying, of games like Arkanoid, David's Midnight Magic,
Bombmania and Blood. Members from Out of Order, Sanity64, Tempest, Anubis,
Power of Liberty, Role, Angels, Axicon and others are expected.