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Twisted Colours (1996, autumn, HD Slideshow)

Review by zito

And this time a slideshow without monsters, naked girls or spaceships in erotic positions ;). Craze surprised us with a short collection of ten abstract pictures by Odie.
You can see persons in some strange bearings, chinese men, ghosts, weird looking ladies and laughing trees. All in all a very colorful and not boring thing with a listenable music and another good new font, although one-colored. Between the pictures you can read funny comments to the picture that follows, but it's sad that there is not a single real picture!! Only big clips and fullscreen bodies! Also you have no selector to enjoy some Odicasso's again. And there are a few which were worth to be watched twice like my favorites: The second one (what eye(s)!) and the one before the last one (the laughing tree). At last it is a tiny piece of art and 900kb are not much space on 8-Gig HD for this art...
This slideshow was not a party release.
tested A1200/030-42/2mb chip, 8mb fast.