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Megademo (1990, 29.06, ECS Megademo)

Review by Glenn Lunder

After booting this disk you're faced with a selector for three different demo parts. The selector is pretty basic, with a logo at the top and a text writer in the middle of the screen. In the background you can see some vector objects, which btw are pretty fast on my 030-50 :)
For the credits above, please refer to these codes:

  • LOA means loader, in other words the selector itself. This (and only this) part works fine even with caches on.
  • NOI means Noia demo. This is probably the best and biggest part, with lots of advanced (for its time) vector effects and a good sense of pace and entertainment. Please note that the fill routine bugs in some parts.
  • PIG means Pigs in Space. This part consists of just a drawn 'space' background over which we get to see a filled vector scroller. The same fill bug appears here also, albeit to a lesser extent.
  • MAD means The Madonna Endpart. This part excels with its superbly drawn cartoon renditions of Madonna walking through the city. Rather cool! Overall, it's a good production, this, though it seems like it was put together in quite a rush! It's like they got these three demoparts, and just stuck a loader at the beginning, and hey presto we've got a demo!
    Not bad at all, really. The music by S.L.L lifts it a lot.
    tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.
    -- note: Caches off, original chipset.