Cryptoburners, IT and Visual Arts Party

From ExoticA
07-11.04  Cryptoburners, IT and Visual Arts Party.
Held by the above groups at Drammen Gymnas in Drammen, Norway.
About 400 people attended. The party started at 14.00 in the day, and at
17.00 the Police arrived. They sieged the building and turned off the
electricity. When they entered the place, the first room they entered was
Fraxion's, where videocopying was underway. People panicked, and tried to
exit in any way possible. The Police then proceeded to announce the party
as cancelled. The reason the Police raided the place was that a software
distributor (BJ Electronics) had told the Police about the party, and wanted
it stopped. About 500 people were present at the party.

· Information from party report in Digital 03/90.