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Pulp Fiction (1995, 30.08, AGA 4MB File)

Review by Glenn Lunder

PF is not a bad demo, just a little blocky and too techno at times :) Seriously, there are several good routines here, some of which I've never actually seen before - like the waterfall vector. The music is slavishly timed to the demo, almost to the extent where it's too much. The strength that timing music to the effects gave demos like Sanity's "WOC" was largely on the base that they didn't time EVERYTHING to the music; but when they did it was always powerful.
PF opens with a cool raytraced logo, and the first effect is a really blocky gouraud. Fortunately, things do get better as the demo progresses. The plasma zoom and the aforementioned waterfall vectors are nice effects, not to mention the moving lightsource around the 'bukk' (sorry, don't know the English word :D)! Other nice things are the voxel routine and the texturemapping. Overall, this is not a bad demo, though it suffers from the 'trying too hard' syndrome. Less is sometimes more, remember that. It now seems the people that made this have abandoned the Amiga for the PC... on the strength of PF, I'd say that is definitely a loss for the scene. The two 'additional graphicians' I couldn't see mentioned anywhere in the demo...
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.