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Degeneration (DGN)


Corrosion (Patrizio Casalengo, mainorg music sysop 'METAL MOON' WHQ, triplememb Darkage and Genesis (new), early96)
Gas (Simone Marascalchi, gfx swap, early96)
Joseph (gfx, new early96)
Rusty Cage (music, old handle Detio, early96)
Voodoo Chile (Fabrizio Nunnari, code, early96)

Group History

DGN have a subgroup called Ecstasy Brothers, which are all musicians: Red Dragon, Fragolino B and Simpson.

  • Coder Orion (new early 96) was kicked shortly after joining, because he left the amiga scene.
  • Italian graphician Mangusta kicked late 95.
  • Italian musician Dixan joined Megahead late 95.