Demons Convention '91

From ExoticA
09-10.03  Demons Convention 91.
DEM91 was a small party held in Namur, Belgium by the amiga group Demons.
The party was eventually held on month later than what was claimed in the
invitation demo. Competitions for demo, graphics, music and kick off 2 were
promised, as well the usual video corner, unlimited food and drink, and all
the latest demos and games available. If anyone is sitting on additional
information or results from this party, we'd love to know =]

invit   Demons "Party Invitation Intro".

amdemo  xx. Demons "48 Hours Demo".

music   D.D/Spider "Exorciste".
        Darkstyle "Citiy".
        Splash "Psycho House".
        Alien/Passion "Cool Abyss".
        Scott "Dino Dancing".
        Sam "Sam Funk".
        Wildemon "Anakis".
        Beatmaster/LSD "Beethoven Mix".
        Fred "Chicken Pox".
        Slavatovich "Tune Sexy".