Dexion Meeting

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Dexion Meeting was a Commodore 64 and Amiga demo (copy) party.

2nd-3rd July, 1988
Nykobing Sealand, Denmark
Organising Group(s)

Party Information

Held during the summer holidays in Nykobing Sealand, Denmark for the C64 and Amiga scenes. The party place was a school in the middle of the town. Among the groups that visited the party was Dexion, Plasma Force, The Band, NTC, Sphinx, D.A.D, Watchmen, 7up Crew, Trilogy, Hagar and many more.


Dexion - "Party informer demo" (invitation)

Other Releases

Dexion - "Party Demo" (amiga)

Mechanix 2124 - "Sound Tracker '64" (c64 utility)

North Star & Fairlight "Bounch" (amiga)