Digital Symposium Party '95

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   21.10  Digital Symposium Party 95.
DSP95 was held in Coventry, England for both the Amiga and PC platforms.
The PC intro competition was cancelled, since there were no entries.
My results file said just 'hahaha' at the spot where the Amiga demo
competition results were supposed to be...

· Results from 'Digital Symposium'95 results:'.

invit   Digital "Digital Symposium Party '95 Invitation - The Word" (amiga).

amintro 1.  The Black Lotus (TBL) and Axis "Mind The Coop".
        2.  Eltech "Raggi".
        3.  Smellon Design.
        4.  Grasshopper Design.
        5.  Maniacs "Free Spirit".

pcdemo  1.  Valhalla "Relapse".
        2.  Aurora "Respect".

gfx     1.  Fish/LSD.
        2.  Wade/Eltech.
        3.  Babbage/Nerve Axis.
        4.  Dark/DCS.
        5.  Cyanide/Maniacs.
        6.  Maffia/Nerve Axis,
        7.  Bliss/Nerve Axis.

music   1.  Big Jim/Valhalla^FM "Autumn Dreams" (s3m).
        2.  Babbage/Nerve Axis "Pugwash" (mod).
        3.  Hollywood/Axis^Valhalla^kfmf "Django" (mod).
            Baby/Mad Elks "Guitar Time" (dsm).
        4.  Screech/Eltech "Suburbia" (mod).
            Elfman/Etcetera "Remembrance" (mod).
            Dreamfish "Harmonic Disorder" (ml).
        5.  Aquafresh/S!P pc "Rusty Junk Box" (mod).
        6.  Paul Galbraith "Take What You Want" (s3m).
            Style & Wim/Anathema "Funky Trousers" (mod).
            Dooba/Carnage "Kick Back" (mod).
            Witchunter/Debris "Speed-Up" (s3m).
        7.  Inferon/Eltech "Recollapse" (med).
            Stuart 'TMWNN/TZT' Collier "Data City Remix" (mod).
            Reflex/GHD "Grasshoppers Are Green".
        - The rest received no votes!
        xx. DD/Aurora "Heartache" (xm).
        xx. Popz "Border of Insanity" (xm).

other   Tesko "Hop!" and "Jungletro" (amiga).