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Disaster (1992-1995)


Christine De La Queen (later Spoon, 93)
Core (gfx music swap)
Joshua (code, 93)
Muttley (Kim Lebech, founder music swap, ex Addicts, 93)
Profile (swap, 93)
Subsonic (founder gfx music, ex Addicts)
Dgl (gfx, 12/93)
LeChuck (music, 12/94)

Group History

In early 1995, Disaster merged with Subacid, and ceased to exist. These people (at least) joined Subacid: Deckard (gfx, 12/94) Gayhawk (code), Hexagon (founder code, ex Addicts) and Liquid (music). Joshua was busted for supposed hacking! A full report can be read in Upstream #7.

Desajn (1994, .05, Dentro)

Ärtesuppe (1994, 28.12, Intro)

Winner of the fast intro competition at The Party 4!