Donut Fetish

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Donut Fetish (DNF)


Niggerjack (Stian Myhre, code)
Pix (gfx, later Darkage)
Romeo (code, early98)
Whiskas (Daniel A. Hansen, music, also in Mono [music], 12/96)
Deep (mainorg1 music)
Disc-man (music)
Drop (mainorg2 music)
Fro-D (music)
Large (sysop)
Loaderror (code gfx)
Mr.X (music, new late96)
Speeddevil (new 09/97)

Group History

Donut Fetish is a Norwegian group, with some fairly talented members. Niggerjack was in Shamrock the last time I lost track of him ;)

Norwegian coder Psalt left for Spaceballs, and Norwegian coder Accede left for Contraz 09/97. Their sysop Large also left them, while Speeddevil joined this month.