Dreamhack '99

From ExoticA
04-07.11  Dreamhack 99 (http://www.dreamhack.org).
DRH99 was held in Sweden. Our results are slightly more detailed than the
extremely rudimentary ones the organizers gave out.
Thanks to 3case for help!

· Results from 'UnOfficial Dreamhack '99 results'.

pcdemo  1.  Razor 1911 "Mindstammer".
        2.  Alpha Millenium Crew.
        3.  Acid Rain "Could Be You".
        xx. Retro AC "Superstar DJ".

pcdemo accelerated
        1.  TMB "AlCastone".
        2.  Replay "Dun[".
        3.  Kooma "Ignorence".

pc64k   1.  Psikorp "Mofo".
        2.  Noice and Cryonics "Cryogoat".
        3.  Woorlic "Barbapendence Day".
        xx. Aardbei "Cashcow".
        xx. Blocc "Intro".
        xx. Burger Productions "Burger Reality".
        xx. Hirmu "Titanic".
        xx. Magic "Blomma".
        xx. Narayan and Aragorn "Raydream".
        xx. Next Empire "Wonder Woman".
        xx. Replay "Clean".
        xx. Tazadum "Fiesta Mexicana".
        xx. Zthee&Dixan&Iceball&Psychic Symphony "The Truth Is Above Us II".

gfx     1.  Java.
        2.  Adam.

music   1.  Perra "Elajt".
        2.  n/a
        3.  pUs "Vi b<94>rjade hata".

music wild
        1.  Steffo