Duplex and Oracle Party

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   23.11  Duplex and Oracle Party.
Held in Meschede, Germany. About 40 people turned up. Originally to be
arranged by Duplex (c64) and Oracle (amiga), but Oracle didn't actually hold
up their part of the deal, and not a single Oracle member turned up for the
party! Mainorganizer was Gorbi/Duplex. No real big groups were present, and
releases were scarce, pretty much just games. Coffee and Beer was sold. Lots
of problems appeared towards the end of the party; first a c128 got stolen,
then the box with all the party's money got stolen, and then some people who
had private disagreements with the arranger turned up to beat him up! So
chances are, Gorbi went a little under-budget with this one...

· Information from report in D-Tect's "Hack-Mag #3" (amiga).