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Dylem (1995-)


Kalikone (mainorg swap trade, doublememb FUN, late 96)
Bacalao (swi? founder music)
Blind Man (sysop)
Dexter (music trade)
Illusion (trade)
Klux (swap)
Pit (org code)
Rash (music)
Rogue (ex Darkness, new late96)
Style (trade sysop)
X-factor (code trade)

Group History

Dylem was formed by Sear and Bacalao from Spasm in late 1995.

  • Swiss graphician and swapper Sear, one of the original two founders, left for Fresh late 96.
  • Musician Iceman joined Agoa/joined from Agoa late 95. I have two conflicting pieces of news here, so confusion is total :)