Dynamic Duo, The

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Dynamic Duo, The (DD, 1985-1988)

The Dynamic Duo was a group made up of two friends from Holzwickede near Dortmund, Germany. The two guys were Hans-Jürgen Grahl (org gfx spreading, hereafter HJG) and Robin Wunderlich (code crack, hereafter RW). The group was formed in 1985, and was one of the best and most active groups in 1986 with lots of releases like Ghosts 'n'Goblins, Green Beret, Super Cycle, Alley Cat, 10th Frame, ... The two friends originally had no contacts, and all their spreading was handled by Headbanger (Georg Panagiatidis) from Dinslaken, Germany and his two copy-slaves Krabat and Syntax 2001, who did most of his work for him! =] The group finally disbanded in 1988, and RW went on to cracking on the Amiga, under Quartex. I am not 100% sure, but chances are he was known under the handle "Rob" there in 1989... The two also wrote the game "Thunderboy" for Rainbow Arts on the amiga. Some time after this HJG founded the software import and reseller firm "Dynatex" (DYNAmic Duo/quarTEX - no joke!), which he eventually sold to another company in february of 2000. Sadly, HJG had a car accident later in the year, leaving him in a comatose state which he will likely never wake from :(

This entry was only possible due to a kind soul who sent me text originally done by MWS/Radwar, and the above was based on this.


HJG (Hans-Jürgen Grahl - organiser, graphics)
WR (Robin Wunderlich - code)