EMS Design

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EMS Design

EMS Design is an Amiga demo group.


Stan (early98)
Trump (Rolf G. Lunder, org music, old handle Frenger, doublememb Apathy 12/96)
Adolf (music, late96)
Conroy (music, late96)
Robotronik (code swap, late96)
Stan (org code gfx, old handle Joker, late96-97)
Wiseguy (sysop 'OUTER SPACE', new early98)

Group History

EMS Design is a Norwegian demo group.

Artwork's "Generation #24" [04/97] reported that Joker changed his handle to Stan, that Vanilla joined, and that norwegian Hellrazor (code, late96) left for Instinct. Subgud (code gfx swap, doublememb Halfmoon Productions, new late96) left for Light late 97. Punisher left for Instinct.
4Play was kicked due to inactivity early98.


Odorless (Demo)