Easter Conference '92

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17-20.04  Easter Conference 92.
Held at Nolhalla Ishockeyrink in Allingsås, Sweden by Phenomena (amiga) and
Light (c64). About 1000 people attended, of which about 750 paid full price;
the rest discovered how easy it was to sneak in through the back doors :)
This made it the biggest party held in Sweden until then. Food was never a
problem, what with a 24hour open kiosk and pizza service where the food was
ordered and then delivered straight to your table! Some people complained
about the temparature being low.

· Information from party report in Datormagazin (papermag) 10/92.

amdemo  1.  Mathik Entertainment "Mathik Entertainment".
        2.  Rage "T3".
        3.  Paradise "Optimus Maximus".

gfx     1.  Joakim Gustavsson/Scorpius.
        2.  Noogman.
        3.  Dune/Drakpak.

music   1.  Accord/X-Trade.
        2.  Misty Daeron.
        3.  Robert Lind.

64demo  1.  Origo "Elysion".
        2.  Beyond Force "Partytrap".
        3.  Antic "Lunacy V".
        4.  Oxyron "Coma Light 4".
        5.  Fairlight "Legoland 2".
        6.  Noice "Digital Dreams".
        7.  TPF "VVV".
        8.  Extend.
        9.  Princes.
        10. Topaz.
        xx. Digital Designs "Techno Chaos".

64gfx   1.  TMT/Wrath Designs.
        2.  Creeper/Flash Inc.
        3.  Atte/Extend.

other   Brutal "Brutal Demo-Party 92 Invitation" (c64 intro).
        Noxious "ProTracker 2.1A" (amiga util).
        Oxyron "Scene Observer #1" (c64 diskmag).