Eastern Conference '92

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18-19.04  Eastern Conference 92.
EC92 was held in Louvain, Belgium by TRSI, and not to be confused with the
party of the same name in Hungary. More than 400 people attended! The party
received very favourable reviews in CJ, to the point of one guy calling the
organization 'perfect'. There was a techno party, and the best Belgian DJ
had been hired to take care of the music. There were supposed to be PC
competitions too, but they were cancelled since nobody delivered a single
demo... Most of the tunes for the competition cames as executable files with

· Information and results from party report in Cracker Journal #28.
· Some information from EuroChart #15.
· Info and releases from:
  - TEK mind funk issue 35 & 36.

amdemo  1.  Melon Dezign "Human Target".
        2.  Willow "First Strike".
        3.  Wildfire "Easter Demo".

gfx     1.  Hof/The Silents "Sunken".
        2.  Danny/Axis "Wings".
        3.  Kale/Tech "Pinhead".

music   1.  Fabian/Desire "Solace".
        2.  Audiomonster/The Silents "Florence".
        3.  Agnostic Front.

other   Amnesia "Cycle Meets Plasma".
        Anarchy "Spring Melodies" (amiga musicdisk).
        Arise "Unlimited".
        Dreamdealers "Beach Party Invitation (Beachtro)".
        Legend "New Crackintro".
        LSD "Pleasure Trip".
        Panic & Agnostic Front "Intro".
        Scoopex "World Charts  #6" (amiga diskmag).
        Supplex "Party Demo" (amiga).
        Toxic Track "Toxomania" (amiga).