Effect (amiga)

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Effect (1992-)

Current Members

Clone (code)
Dazzler (code)
Hi-Fi (code music sysop)
Kim (mascot)
Radavi (founder mainorg www sysop 'WILD PALMS', doublememb Royal 96, 09/93-96)

Previous Members

Kiwi (code swap pack, new early93-12/93)
Scan (hol sysop 'DREAMSCAPE' WHQ, 03/94)
Sceptre (Martijn Boekhorst, code, 09-10/93)
Stranger (ex Silicon Ltd., late 92-09/93)
Usura (swap, new mid93-09/93)

Members - PC Section

Hawk (music, late95)
Native (founder code inactive, 09/93)
Striker (gfx, 09/93)

Group History

Effect is a dutch-only demo and board group, formed in the middle of 1992 by Acute, Native, Radavi and Striker. The group has since grown a PC division, but Radavi is still the leader of both sections. Their old homepage, http://www.xs4all.nl/~radavi/effect/effect.html, appears to have gone from the web.

  • Dutch sysop Rubyx ('THE STALLION') left.
  • Doz (ex Divine, old handle Ike, new late92) got kicked.
  • Original founder Acute left the Amiga and joined Hypnosis on the PC instead.
  • Cloak, MSW (Edwin van Rijn, music, 09/93) and Probe were kicked because they released an intro with some offending text at the Bizarre 1996 party.
  • Black Eagle, Sad, Striker and Maverick (music, new late 92-09/93) were kicked late 94. This is a little strange, since Striker is actually one of the original founders!


I Want Your Sperm (Demo)


  • THE PUNICA OASE (hol, 07/95)