Empire (group)

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Empire (1990-)


Batman (swap)
Cobra (mainorg1 code sysop)
Cross (code)
Dave (code crack)
Hyperion (mainorg2 code)
Jas (code, later Phenomena?)
Led (gfx)
Mantronix (swe? music)
Wergal (phreak)
Nibbler (code)
Punisher (swap)
Pez (gfx)
Remo (code)
Rip (phreak)
Ripper (swap sysop)
UFO (sysop)

Group History

When Software of Sweden (SOS) died, five of its members formed Empire. They were based in Sweden, and were mainly an illegal crew.

  • Parts of Empire joined Supreme.
  • Swedish sysop Istvan ('MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE') joined Red Sector Inc in early 1990.