Energy and Cosmos Design Party

From ExoticA
03-05.09  Energy and Cosmos Design party.
Held in Gleisdorf, Austria by Stranger/Energy (amiga) and Cosmos Designs
(c64). Only 120 people visited the party. Facilities were quite good, with a
2x3m bigscreen and a powerful souynd system. Competitions were a
disappointment, with the amiga democompetition even getting cancelled due to
a lack of entries. The amiga musiccompetition was the only one with a good
amount of entries, 17. If anyone has more/additional results, please get in

· Info from party report in Equinox' "European Top 20 #3" (amiga).
· Info and results from note spread with TIA's "Zakplayer 3" (c64).

64demo  1.  T'Pau.
        2.  Varsity.
        3.  The Voice.
        4.  Curve.

64gfx   1.  Megabyte/Crest.
        2.  ???/Faces.

64music 1.  Bulldog/Padua.
        2.  Chotaire/Image.

other   The Imperium Arts "Zakplayer 3" (c64 musicdisk).