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Rage! issue #1 (1996, .06, ECS Filemag)

Review by Glenn Lunder

Well, Eremation are certainly right when they announce that this is the first diskmag that's BORN DEAD. They announce that this is both the first and the last issue to be released! First impressions are quite good, with design that's subtly different, nice clipart and a colorful title picture.
Now for some serious criticism: What the f*ck's the point of making your mag multitask if it's gonna take ALL of your rastertime, probably using some infinite loop that keeps eating those cycles!? This is the height of idiocy. All the good things about a system friendly mag such as this - useless. For the record, RAGE! means Review All Great Events. Yeah, and use all the goddamn rastertime no matter what processor we're running on. RAGE!AUATGRNMWPWRO!