Escape Party

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28-29.01  Escape Copy-Party.
ESC89 was held in at the Schützen Haus in Villmergen, Switzerland for the
amiga scene. About 120 people attended, and 10  demos were released. Here's
one guy that'd like to know which ones... :) Escape helped organize another
swiss party, this time together with Spreadpoint, in october.
  Among the groups that visited this party were Double Density Crew, The
Supervisors, Piranhas, Amitech, Clan, Space Coloss, Silver Hawks, Slime
Byte, and many more. During or immediately after this party, Atrix and
Senses merged into the new group Setrox.

· Information from mini partyreport in Alpha Flight "Cracker Journal #13".

other   Senses "Small Circles" (amiga demo).
        Double Density Crew "Party Demo" (amiga demo).
        Escape "Party" (amiga demo).