Euskal Amiga Party 2

From ExoticA
27-30.12  Euskal Amiga Party 2.
EUSK2 was held in Legazpi, Gipuzkoa in Spain. Only four months after the
original Euskal, the second party was held as a Spanish alternative to The
Party. 220 people turned up this second time around. This was the last of
the Euskals to be Amiga only. The following year, with Euskal 3, the PC
owners were let in on the fun. The winning 'demo' is a 70k intro!

amdemo  1.  Darkness "In Progress".
        2.  Darkness "Dog".
        3.  ???
        4.  Centolos "The Last Intro".
        xx. Necropolis "Innergate".