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Mosaic - The Works 1991-94 (1994, AGA/ECS Slideshow)

Review by Zito

The bad thing of this little slide is that it starts only from floppy without any reason of sense. Do not await bombastic pictures, but a nice multimedia-like menu (music and animation of the character 'e') with cool raytraced clips by Drakemule and some colorful pics by Motion Lotion alias JTF.
The slide starts with two different pics - one appears only if you have aga and one if you have disabled enhanced gfx or only have an ECS-Amiga! At the menu you can choose the pics with LMB and infos about them with RMB. And you are also able to watch half of them if you don't have AGA. The music is a bit too dominating for a slideshow but although a good track! My favorites by Motion Lotion are 'Mercenario' (the only real picture) and 'Carving Good'. From Drakemule's nice traced clips I like 'Cyberspace' (dolphin jumps in water) the most!
tested A1200/030-42/2mb chip, 8mb fast.