Exile Party

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          Exile Party.
EXI94 was held in Budapest, Hungary for the c64 scene. DOS/ADSR's third-
placed tune for the music competition was not released at the party. These
results have additional information and entries added over the original
resultfile. If anyone knows the real date of this party, get in touch!

· Results from file marked 'Exile Party 1994. Budapest,Hungary results:'

64demo  1.  Triumwyrat "Sonic".
        2.  Chaos "Absolute".
        3.  Exile "Vector Overd."
        4.  Chorus & Damage "Coopdentro".
        5.  Profik "Mergezo Anyag".

gfx     1.  Arthur/Fun Factory/Crime/LQD.
        2.  Cince/Nuclear.
        3.  Flimbo/Exile.
        4.  Milk-Maid/Humbug.

music   1.  Peet/Chorus/Damage/Natural Beat "Harmony Compotune".
        2.  Shogoon/Agony "Zool".
        3.  DOS/ADSR.
        4.  Artlace/Lethargy/[A]/RBL.
        xx. Abject/Exile "Street Feelings".
        xx. Chubrock/Natural Beat/Lethargy "Let's Summer".
        xx. Cince/Nuclear "Secret Dreams".
        xx. Cubehead/Chaos "Exile Party Compomusic".
        xx. Friday Night/Next Week "Assholes!"
        xx. Gangstar/[ATL] "Four Zax".
        xx. Inside/Exile "More Brain".
        xx. Mercury/Natural Beat/Lethargy "Desert".
        xx. Silc/Natural Beat/Lethargy "Relative".
        xx. Slobber/Humbug.
        xx. Snap/Atlantis "Friends".
        xx. Vihee/Cherubs.