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Man On The Moon (1995, 09.04, AGA 4MB HD Multifile, 4 disks)

Review by Glenn Lunder

4 disks are a bit hefty for this, but I assume the raytraced opening animation stole at least two of them. After the animation (of a spaceship flying through space), we're treated to a fast-paced demo with good-looking effects and a thumping techno soundtrack. I usually hate these techno things, but this one's far from the worst I have heard. I can see how this won a party; it's fast, fun, and looks good.
The effects are a little on the outdated front, though - texturemapped cubes and stretching zoom-rotators dominate.
tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

Dream Or Reality (1997, .11, AGA HD Slideshow)

Review by Zito

With a very styled introduction consisting of interesting ideas for design and bombastic sound starts this huge but one of the best slideshows I had the pleasure to watch. Including several musics for intro-, show- and selectorpart is this more than a normal picture collection with selector! 14 pieces of pixelart - most not released before and a few party ones - made on his own by Unreal and two copied. With very impressive and alive backgrounds (like on `Sanction`) and mostly mystic elements and figures especially dragons) and a lot of colors with partly special lighteffects (like the background of the faculty logo in the intropart) he creates a fantastic world of tales and imaginations. After the show you are able to click through a well-styled selector, with colored previews and a golden greetings part, to find every ever so small information you need to know about the pictures and some more texts by the graphician. Why he made it and words concerning the process and so on. Only negative is that all of them are in interlace modus and after you read some interesting stuff your eyes begin slowly to hurt. Also the selector music could be a bit slower for a more relaxing walk through the gallery! Conclusion??? Watch it!!!! Only some intro clips look a bit ugly but the rest is simply brilliant. My favourite trips to Phantasia are: `Freeborn` and `Smaug above Esgorath`, a very good copy! Also `Morfeum` is very nice! A better big clip, but as cute that I would kiss it... ;)
tested A1200/030-42/2mb chip, 8mb fast.