Floppy 2001

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          Floppy 2001.
FLO01 was held in Helsingborg, Sweden, but no exact date is yet clear - it
was atleast early in the year. Both the two game playing competitions,
Exploding Fist and Hat Trick, were won by Jucke/G*P. Up Rough! released the
only entry for the amiga demo competition =) Clone's winning c64 pic was
just great, and also a special mention to Vodka's "Tuttfia". The music
competition was abysmal.
  Some spelling errors from the competitions on the official results file
were fixed for this.

· Results from file marked 'FLOPPY 2001 COMPETITION RESULTS'.

64demo  1.  Triad "Feedback".
        2.  Wrath Designs "A Quoi Ca Sert?".
        3.  Civitas "Discojive".
        4.  Hujowa "Return of..."
        5.  The Eslov Demo.
        6.  Macx "C64 Love!"
        7.  Puterman+Yodelking+Ultomten "Floppy 2001 Demo".
        8.  Sealsex "Exkrement".
        9.  Spider Boys "Makedonian Solidarity".

64gfx   1.  Clone/Wrath Designs "Zootrope".
        2.  Joe/Wrath Designs "Paraphrase".
        3.  Poison/Oneway "Skriket".
        4.  Vodka/Fairlight "Tuttfia".
        5.  Hollowman/Triad "Buffy and Shiny".
        6.  Skyhawk/Laxity "Laxity".
        7.  2sheds "Eat Me".
        8.  Andromeda/Razor 1911 (fairlight) "Phobia E Gay".

64music 1.  Goto80/HT "Ajvar Relish".
        2.  Zzap69/Noice "Kenzaburo".
        3.  Ed/Wrath Designs "Risephin".
        4.  Puterman/Civitas "Old-Fashioned Goose Shampoo".
        5.  Johey/Runtime "Dismagneted".