FuckYaNica 7

From ExoticA
05-06.01  FuckYaNica #7 (http://www.fyanica.hu/7/).
FYA7 was held at Csokonai MuvHaz in Budapest, Hungary for the c64 and amiga
scenes. FyckYaNica (actually a shortform of FuCk-Ya and amigaNICA HUNgarica)
was arranged by AMIGAonly, Crimson Jihad, Spacehawks, Kangooroo and
Singular. The entrance fee was 5 euro.

· Results as published on http://www.c64.sk.

demo    1.  Resource and Breeze "Larch" (c64).

gfx     1.  Leon/Singular.
        2.  Poison/Singular.

wild    1.  Fyanica Intro.
        2.  Breeze "Tom & Jerry" (c64).