Fun Factory '93

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   29.08  Fun Factory 93.
FF93 was held in Szekesfehrevar, Hungary for the c64 scene. Any additional
information about this party - other platforms present, number of visitors,
etc. would be most welcome!

· Results from file 'Fun Factory Party 1993. Szekesfehrevar, Hungary'.

64demo  1.  Damage "Milestone".
        2.  Lethargy "Promised Land".
        3.  Cherubs "Crocodile Tears".

64gfx   1.  Oszi/Damage.
        2.  Egon/Iceberg/Lethargy "Case of the little lila pubi".
        3.  Mercury/Rebels.
        xx. Alurion/Cherubs "Young Sorceress".
        xx. David 'Light' Hamori "Mr.Death".
        xx. Inside/Exile "SK8".
        xx. SCP/DZN "?".
        xx. SCP/DZN "Slayer".
        xx. Trevize/Cherubs.

64music 1.  Chubrock/Natural Beat/Cadgers/Lethargy "Corruption".
        2.  Silc/Natural Beat/Lethargy "According".
        3.  Artlace/Lethargy/Active "True Faith".
        xx. Abject/Exile "Something Was Ended".
        xx. Vihee/Cherubs.