Genesis Project Party

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 early    Genesis Project Copy Party.
This party was held in a small german village called Neubrueck near
Dusseldorff, Germany for c64s and Amigas. About 50 C64's, and
about 20 Amiga machines were present, and about 160-200 people attended
(accounts differ). The entrance fee was a stiff 10DM. Sleeping quarters was
outside, in a tent. There were only competitions for the c64, and there were
to be a demo, sound and crack competition. The demo comp was cancelled due
to too bad entries, but the sound competition was won by Steel/Success, who
won a gameboy! The crack competition was actually won by noone, since noone
were able to crack the protection on the supplied game!! The way the
arrangers had organized it, they'd taken the old game Logical, and added a
new protection they'd made themselves. After this, perhaps they should seek
positions in the game industry? :)

· Information from party report in Cracker Journal #28 (amiga).
· Information from Majesty/Talent's party report file (c64).